Technical Guide

the race is organized according to the rules of UCI

Organizer:  UCI, CYCLING FEDERATION OF SERBIA,  Company M ENTERIJER GRADNJA, Municipality of Crna Trava and PBD Orlovac


Date: Sunday, 11.07.2021.


Categories: Elite Men, Women Elite, Juniors M, Juniors W


Location: Crna Trava, Serbia


Applications Required at e-mail: trka@orlovac.org.rs.


Round Course: forest path and gravel – 4070 m length


Official training:  10.07.2021. 13.00h – 14.30h


Course length and Start time (UCI C1)


START at 13:20 pm


Elite  M


Elite W


Junior M


Junior W


Schedule of cash prizes:  Medals for the first 3 places in both categories.


Schedule of cash prizes  Medals for the first 3 places in both categories.


Cash prize  in categories: Elite (M&W), Juniors (M&W). Prize money as per UCI C1 Europe, Group 4!

Prize Money:

Men: 1070 EUR

Women: 1070 EUR

MJ: 265 EUR

WJ: 265 EUR


 Elite Men &

Elite Women                  MJ &WЈ

1.  240                           1.  60

2.  200                           2.  40

3.  160                           3.  35

4.  120                           4.  30

5.  100                           5.  25

6.  80                             6.  20

7.  60                             7.  20

8.  50                             8.  15

9.  40                             9.  10

10.  20                         10.  10

sum  1070                sum  265



Rules: The race is held by MTB technical regulations of UCI and Cycling Federation of Serbia and “PBD Orlovac – MTB team – M ENTERIJER GRADNJA .


General roles:

All contestants participate at their own risk and with the start of the race agree to these propositions.


Note: The organizer keeps the right to change or add propositions before the beginning of the race. The organizers are not responsible of no-respect of these regulations, for the acts done by the riders to themselves, or to third parties.


Entry fee:

Competitors who participate in UCI race have to pay: UCI  C1  – Elite (20€),  Junior (10€),


Start numbers: Assignment of numbers will be on Saturday, in office race/ Crna Trava Trg Milentija Popovica bb,/ -

 July 10. 12: 00-16:00h.


Hospital: The hospital is 800m from the starting point, Sretan Karića Street   tel.+38116811224


Accommodation: MM NARCIS - (Hotel on Vlasina lake, 10 km from the start area), Mobile: +381647001941,

- more  http://www.sobe-smestaj.com/smestaj-u-vlasinsko-jezero.html


Contact office@orlovac.org.rs  www.orlovac.org.rs

Mobile: 0613193909







12h- 16h - Division of start numbers in the race office - Crna Trava- Center


13h-14.30h  - Official training


18h – 18:30h  -Technical team meeting


19h   - The opening ceremony of the M Enterijer Gradnja Cup 2021.






START race  at 13:20 (UCI C1)


Winners’ Announcement Ceremony at 15:15




race winners in all categories (first three places JM, JW, EW) are obliged to be at the place of proclamation immediately after passing the 3rd place in Elite M at the UCI race!


Maps of the races